[Mac Tools] Droid NAS to Access your Android phone via Finder

Mac users usually have a limited way of interfacing with their Android Filesystem from their laptops, unlike their Windows user counterparts who can just plug in in Mass Storage mode and access the files as a drive. Mac users are tied in to using the Android File Transfer app for most of the work, which is not the best way.

2013-06-20 09.58.33Now you can do this via your WiFi network using Droid NAS. Droid NAS mounts your Android Device and shows it up on your Mac’s Finder as a Bonjour device. You can then go in and play around with it like you would any other shared drive.

All you need to do is to launch the app and click on the “Start Server” to start sharing.

Droid NAS also allows you to select your network as a Home, Office or Cafe giving different pre-set levels of access with each mode. At Home, you can access to all the locations of you phone though the network. If you’d like to change the pre-set access, you are free to go and tap on the location to share to enable or disable it. For example, tapping on the camera toggles the availability for the network you chose.

If you are on an open network, I’d also suggest that you go into settings, by tapping the gears icon on the bottom right hand of the screen and choose “Limit Access to Device”. This gives you the option of setting a username and password for accessing your phone contents from the Finder.

The settings screen also gives you the option of choosing the Name and icon which shows up for your phone on the Mac Finder. You can also select which WiFi network to assign to Home, Office and Cafe. Once the NAS server is active, you can go ahead with using other apps on the Phone, and hit on the Notification area to get a quick link back to the app.

In all a nice and simple app to access your phone and copy data between that and your Mac. A note to Windows users, you can give this app a miss, since it’s doesn’t work for you.

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Droid NAS
Droid NAS
Developer: Code Sector
Price: Free

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4 thoughts on “[Mac Tools] Droid NAS to Access your Android phone via Finder”

  1. Hello
    I installed your App on my HTC One to link my Mac Book Pro.

    The problem is Finder sees my mobile – but requires to write password – “to connect server”.

    I do not know – where I should get this password – I tried all of ones – AppleID, others –

    Please help me,

    Best Emil

    1. Hi Emil,

      It looks like the app is broken on Macs running on Yosemite. I just tried it after upgrading to Yosemite and the app doesn’t seem to work any longer. I just dropped in a support ticket about this problem at the developer’s site, and hope they roll out a fix soon.

      1. try using es explorer, there will be option for remote manager, now start ur wifi hotspot on ur device then connect your macbook to that server, now open your finder window you will se a flash drive icon with your device’s server ip. double click that and enjoy.. if doesn’t work let me know to my email id. thanks

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