Drop the Pin with Nokia – Their new Ad Campaign

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Drop the Pin with Nokia – Their new Ad Campaign

Have you seen the new ad from Nokia? The new campaign running asks you to “Drop the Pin, Start Connecting”. This one’s taking a straight shot at the Blackberry Messenger feature, allowing you to connect with other Blackberry users with a Pin number.  Nokia teamed with  Whatsapp, to bring a similar feature to Nokia phones minus the need exchange a PIN number.

With Whatsapp, you’re not limited to users on just one platform. Whatsapp Messenger allows you to connect to your friends who use iPhone, Android and  Blackberry as well along with Symbian phones. Whatsapp allows you to connect with your friends and  and exchange Text and multi-media messages and group chat.

If you have a data plan, you can save on monthly costs by switching and getting your friends as well on Whatsapp. We at My Portable World use this app extensively to communicate within our team since most of us are on different platforms and we need one common way to communicate without large SMS bills.

Here’s Nokia’s Drop the Pin Ad:

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