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Edwin is an Android speech-to-speech voice assistant & utility. Ask it the weather, make calls, SMS, tweet and tons more! Speech recognition and text-to-speech together! Imagine your phone being like the computer from Star Trek? Ask it a question and back comes the answer.

The app is geo-aware, so when you ask “What is the temperature”, the app speaks back the temperature at your current city, and when you ask “Where’s the closest Pizza joint”, you get results back closest to your location. If you’re really lost, you can even ask Edwin where you are!  Like most other voice recognition apps, Edwin isn’t accurate all the time and may get you unexpected results, but it’s an indispensable app to have running while you’re driving your car, and need to perform hands-free search and can’t read search results off your phone.

Edwin requires Google’s Speech Input application on your phone. My Motorola Milestone didn’t ship with that app by default, but the installer for Edwin pointed my browser to the right URL to download the Speech Input app and got it installed. You’ll also have to be in data coverage range ( GRPS, 3G or WiFi), as the Google Voice recognition app requires a data connection and Edwin also will require a data connection for online operations.

Scan this to download Edwin
Scan this to download Edwin

You’ll need a mobile running at least Android 2.1 to get Edwin working. To download Edwin on your phone, search for ‘Edwin’ in the Android Market app, or scan the QR code on the right with your phone’s camera.

We’ll leave you with a video of Edwin in action:

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