Email on the Nokia N8

A little while back, we got another opportunity to preview the Nokia N8

And since I hadn’t actually seen the N8,I was super excited (Vinu got the opportunity to play with the N8 in Delhi a while ago).

Now, most of you have seen almost everything on the N8, including the brilliant unboxing videos and the super catchy TV Ad.

You can read about what we thought of the N8 here, and I agree with most of these points. The build is solid, the screen is the best Nokia screen (Not the awesomest ever, but almost!), the camera and HD video were brilliant. There were a few things that were really disappointing, like the Web browser, which felt like someone forgot to update the browser since 2008. Multitouch worked fine just about everywhere, except Ovi Maps, which should be taken care of soon.

Then we got to see the Nokia Messaging client in action. And it was really, really impressive! Most people will remember the old N97 ads, where the phone looked like it was zooming through the interface, but in reality, it didn’t do anything. Well, the N8 proved me wrong!

First up: The email preview from Nokia Conversations:

Next up: Zairus Master from Nokia showing us how it actually worked:


  • Proper HTML view
  • Zippy client
  • Multitouch in the email view! (Awesome)
  • Multiple widgets on each homescreen for each mailbox possible

All said and done, the N8 looks and feels like a proper solid device. Maybe Nokia can regain some of it’s lost space after all!! And I can’t wait for more exciting stuff from them!!

PS: Vinu is at Nokia World 2010 in London. So he’ll be tweeting over @myportableworld as the event happens.

PPS:  Watch the video in HD. It’s worth it! And yes we do talk too much.

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2 thoughts on “Email on the Nokia N8”

  1. I have set up a Fastmail account, my Gmail messages stream in that account. IMAP is provided ( of course) and it works better than Blackberry for push email on my K9 mail app on Android.

    Unfortunately, there is NOTHING new in the Nokia demo showed for email… unless they want to excite a couple of new customers. Get Galaxy 3 for less than 12k unless one wants a fancy HD camera which IMHO is only to impress the chicks with no real utility.

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