Emoze Pro Review

Emoze recently announced that the Pro version of their push email client would be available free to all users. I decided to try it out and actually see if it is better than the Nokia Messaging software.

The main difference between the free and pro versions of Emoze was the multiple account support. Now that the pro version is available free, you can add multiple accounts. One thing that Emoze has over Nokia Messaging, is the addition on Facebook messages to your Inbox. A lot of people use Facebook messages almost as much as their emails, so this is a welcome addition.

Setting up Emoze is simple; once installed, go to your messaging folder, select setup Emoze, and you’re good to go. Each mailbox is set up separately in your messaging folder. HTML view is enabled by default, but images in the mail are not downloaded. Apart from that, everything is standard. You can sync your contacts, your tasks and calender entries, and as such offers a few more features compared to Nokia Messaging.

The main issue I had was that either emoze or Nokia Messaging worked, both didn’t work perfectly. Having said that, between then I managed to receive and send all my mails and manage my accounts.

Check out the gallery below for more screenshots. Emoze can be downloaded from their website, or from your phone by going to m.emoze.com.

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One thought on “Emoze Pro Review”

  1. It’s time to switch to Android device and use Emoze Push client which gives me the
    ability to push any type of email ,obviously Exchange ,IMAP,Gmail Hotmail but even POP3 which is very limited email

    I’ve done benchmarks with the stock ICS email client and
    with several third party clients like Touchdown, Moxier, K9 and I find that
    Emoze has the advantage in almost every aspect.

    Push notification is stable and fast ,less than 60 sec.

    Battery consumption is low ,I’m able to work in push
    mode without charging for at least 22

    I’m quite a heavy email user so it was kind of a surprise to
    me because I used to have 6-8 hours max with only one account working in push.

    I have 5 email accounts which is about 100-200 email per day
    so no kidding ,this one really improved my life ,I’m less paranoid about my

    Other features which are quite useful are the security
    options that allows you to find the device location by SMS or email

    and also to remote wipe or block by SMS.

    This is cool because you don’t need PC connected to the
    internet to get the job done ,you can simply send SMS to your phone number to
    activate the security process.

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