End of Symbian (on N Series Devices)

Wednesday 18th, November 2009 / 18:26 Written by

maemoThe 17th of November, Nokia and WOM World hosted the  ‘N900 Meet Up’  in London. An interesting piece of news from the event is that the Maemo Marketing team has announced that Nokia is phasing out Symbian from their top range Nokia N Series phones by 2012, it would be replaced by Maemo.

According to NokiaAddict: “Symbian would (for now) still have a place in the X and E series phones, but the high end N Series would be powered by Maemo. Turns out that  the N900 was aimed at developers / enthusiasts rather than ‘the man in the street’. After the platform has matured slightly  it would become more ‘mainstream’.

You can read the full article over at NokiaAddict and from Ben Smith from here.

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