Epson’s Moverio BT 100 HighTech Glasses runs on Android

The word ‘impossible’ has become an alien word in the present times, as technological advancements reach new heights every day.

The latest of these inventions is Epson’s Moverio BT-100 which has taken the market of gadgets by a storm. This high–tech gadget boasts of providing latest see-through high resolution display along with the facility of Wi-Fi connectivity. It’s navigation capacity is beyond excellent which enables the user to have an unbelievably high definition visual experience.

Moverio BT-100 is a portable headset, which is an important part of the whole gadget, blending the real environment with the virtual world effortlessly.


Moverio helps you gather information, browse the internet, shop online and stay connected with your friends from any part of the world. You can do all this and more without having to devote any extra time out of your daily schedule for using this gadget. You can go about living a normal everyday life while you carry on exploring the different functions of this extremely useful gadget. Moverio is undoubtedly one of a kind. Never has there been a gadget which makes reality a dream come true ,even though wearing this pair of oversized glasses does look a geeky.

Moverio runs on Android 2.2 platform with the effective support of Adobe Flash 11. Searching and navigating the websites which are based on flash has been made as simple as it can get. Moverio enables the user to access several kinds of music applications and built-in gallery with the help of Wi-Fi connection. From the specs it doesn’t look like Google Market access is included with this device. So you’ll have to get your apps from third-party appstores like SlideME and Amazon AppStore.

Moverio is controlled via a touch-sensitive and rechargeable compact-size controller which can easily be carried anywhere. It’s 6 hours of battery backup enables you to use it even when you are travelling. There’s 1GB memory available with the device which is expandable to4 GB which can easily be attached to the microSDHC card slot. This device also features USB and WiFi connectivity. You can get more information and specs of this product from Epson’s site.

Get ready to see projected movies right in front of your eyes!


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