Essential Small Apps for Android

Here are a few apps that I found recently that are a MUST have on your android Phone. They solve small, simple problems (well, not problems really), that you probably wouldn’t have thought of.


Simple app to share a list of applications that you use with anyone else. You can select everything you have, or edit the list to share a few that you want to.

From the Market Description:

Create a list of your apps with notes about them and send it to your friends!ShareMyApps makes it easy to share market links to your apps using several different methods. This is a great way to get friends with new android smartphones started. In addition to the ability to share a list of apps, you may also share the link to a single app by long clicking on it. Particularly useful for those times when you want to quickly tell a friend about a single app.

Share methods include:

* e-mail
* Copy to clipboard
* Create QR Code (Requires Barcode Reader)
* Share with other applications which accept text (SMS, facebook, google reader, etc…)

Download from the Market, or Scan the QR Code to the right.



vCard to Plain Text

This one is even simpler. You can now send contact info as plain text using any sharing app/messaging app you want (you can mail/message/tweet/fb or send it via any chat app). You can also select what data you want to send. All you have to do is go to contacts, select the send via option and select vCard to Plain text.

    Download from the Market, or scan the QR Code below.


    Missed the multiple customisable profile settings that you can find in every Nokia Phone?  Download Profiles. Yes it’s a paid app, but it’s worth it. You can have different ringtones/volumes/settings in different profiles rather than the standard android options of just Full/Silent/Vibrate. You can also set up timed profiles, and configure stuff like Bluetooth, WiFi, Screen Brightness, Screen Timeout etc. Quite brilliant and definitely worth it.

      From the Market Description:

      You can specify any of these settings within your profiles:
      – Default Phone Ringtone
      – Default Notification Ringtone
      – Ringer Volume & Vibrate
      – SMS/MMS Volume & Vibrate
      – Notification Volume & Vibrate
      – Music Volume
      – Alarm Volume
      – In Call Volume
      – WiFi
      – Bluetooth
      – Airplane Mode
      – Screen Brightness
      – Screen Timeout

      Download from the Market, or scan the QR Code to the right.

      That’s it for now. Found anything else that is an essential? Let us know by commenting below. Or catch us on twitter, we’re @myportableworld

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