Extended 3000mAh Battery for the Samsung Galaxy S

We all know how much smartphones drain their batteries. I’ve never been able to get more than one day of normal usage out of my Samsung Galaxy S. While travelling in low signal areas and on 3G, the battery hardly lasted 6 hours.

I needed to either get a portable charger or a spare battery when I had to travel. The only thing with the spare battery is how do I charge that outside the phone? I went hunting on ebay for something which would let me extend my battery life. I landed up at this product, an Extended 3000mAh battery for the SGS. The price was also a reasonable one, including shipping it just costed around Rs.1300.

I went ahead and picked it up. The package came with a huge battery and a case for it. The battery’s size is so big that the standard casing of the Samsung Galaxy S was not going to hold it in the phone.

Also included in the pack was a battery cover to replace the stock one. The battery and the new case, more than doubles the thickness of the phone. I’m not complaining because this 3000mAh battery now lasts me more than a day while travelling with 3G, GPS, and medium to low signals. Now along with the extended battery pack, I also have my original battery as a backup in case I need to go without charging for a long time.

Rather an rush to do a review on this, I used this for more than three months to make sure that the battery is good and lasts, and it is! It’s well worth the 1300 bucks I put on it. The plastic battery cover is not too strong, so don’t go around dropping your phone, and be careful while removing the cover. I’ve had it crack at a corner when I kept opening and closing the cover while trying to yank out the battery frequently.

Head over to the the seller’s site to pick up this baby. The seller is also providing 12 months warranty on the battery. If you’re looking for shipping outside India, here’s the Extended 3000mAh battery on Amazon.

Here are some quick specs about this product:

  • Battery Rating: 3000 mAh
  • Manufacturer: Cameron Sino
  • Battery Type: Aftermarket
  • CE Certified
  • Warranty: 12 months Manufacturer’s warranty
  • Included: Extended Battery Door for the Samsung Galaxy S

Here are some photos Raghu took which show the difference between the battery sizes and the extended battery cases:

Update: Updated the ebay link with the seller’s actual site.

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