Extra Battery life for your N900

Mugen Power HLI-N900XLIf you feel that the BL-5J battery on your N900 doesn’t last long enough for you, here’s something you’ve gotta get from Mugen Power. Their extended replacement battery HLI-N900XL is just what you are looking for. It’s a 2400mAh battery which should last much longer than the BL-5J.

Mugen’s extended replacement battery is much thicker than the stock battery shipped with the N900, so they’re bundling along a replacement battery cover which the battery. The battery and the battery cover will add an additional 7mm thickness to your phone, but then when you’ve got a long lasting battery, who cares for the extra 7mm?

Here are the battery specs:

Original Battery ModelBL-5J (1320mAh)
Cell TypeLi-ION
Capacity (mAh)2400
Battery DoorIncluded

You can pre-order this from their site, and they’ll ship worldwide for free. Head over to their site for more details and to pick up your set.

Link: Mugen Power Nokia N900 2400mAh Extended Replacement Battery with Battery door

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2 thoughts on “Extra Battery life for your N900”

  1. Your talking about discharging correctly etc but that should effect the battery over time, Ive had the phone for 5 days or so lol Im just trying to figure out if Im the only one with a horrible battery life since Ive heard of others having their battery last 12 hours or longer while staying on 3G and using the phone regularly the entire time. So anyone have a unit and able to use it normally without having to charge the phone 2-3 timesdaily?

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