Facebook and Android – Prone to Security Attacks

Do you know what is hot with Facebook at present? Being vulnerable to security attacks! Well Facebook is one of the toppers of social media both for fun and business. Millions of people rely on Facebook for total control and out-of-control activities in their personal lives. And, millions of businesses rely totally on Facebook for marketing, promotion and other kinds of serious stuff. Now, to all those people this is really a bad news; but it is true and we have to be aware of it. Recently, there have been reports that Facebook users are attacked by potentially unwanted sites for about the past 12 months. If you have found your Facebook friends behaving in a strange manner with posting updates on your wall, then they are not to blame. AVG Technologies have found something shocking to throw light on it.

Your friends are probably victims of the security attacks where these sites pull your friends by offering some links that are highly tempting to click through. For instance, the OMG kind of videos or links that is highly compelling to click – “OMG you won’t believe what this teacher does to his student in front of the camera!”. Your friend (or even you) click it, complete a survey and provide much information to those people behind this. Those who provided far too information to get those ‘compelling’ stuff will surely pay a price in terms of their security. Off-course, there are ways to avoid the security hazards.

Now, if you have clicked the link and provided your personal information or access to applications, you are not the only victim. Your Facebook friends also become victims because of your act. The culprit link is then reposted via your profile to your friends’ wall; can you just imagine the potential reach? Well it is what is happening now with Facebook and the attacks have started to come in right from the beginning of this year.

While it has already been established that Facebook contributes to more than 60% security threat to businesses back in 2010, the percentage will surely rise due to current attacks. According to AVG the increase in the number of applications and people installing them is the major cause of these security issues. All applications want access to Facebook account information and permission to post on walls. So the consequences could not be predicted unless every application carries a ‘clean’ tag.

Even more sadly this issue is not just with Facebook but lately with Android too. AVG tells that phones are just like Facebook in lack of security but creating a false sense about the same. With Android the problem is serious because most of the applications and malware are popular among users themselves and the platform is open source. Isn’t that a good place for hackers and cyber space criminals?

So where does it all end? Common sense! Watch out for spam and never make the mistake to fill in your personal information for anything funny or dirty. You could put the whole cyberspace into risk. As you see, you become a victim and your friends do and so do your friend’s friends. This causes an avalanche. So why not be vigilant and save the disaster?

With your phone, never allow access to any applications; do not automatically download open source software when you are connected to free internet (I know that’s tempting). Have reliable antivirus software. One moment of negligence could cause a big disaster; it’s Butterfly Effect!

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