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pCell for Faster Mobile Connectivity

The large demand for mobile connectivity and data, especially in bigger cities are hitting the limits of conventional cell tower technology.

The signal from a tower needs to be shared with the number of users connected to it. In fact, when you use data, users are required to share time on that same tower. So there’s a large concentration of users in the same area, like a music show or sports event, we’ve all noticed the drops in connectivity in such places. So won’t adding more work?

The towers can’t be placed too close to each other as well, since that would cause interference of signals between them causing a bad network zone. So how can we pack in more users who need mobile data into an area?

A company called Artemis seems to think they’ve got tech to address this problem. Watch their video to see how it works:

They say that they can start the rollout of their technology before the end of this year. Read more about this at Business Insider

Finger Based Gestures using FIN

RHLvision, an Indian Startup incubated at the Startup Village, has come up with a revolutionary product idea. Their aim is to ease your life by controlling your gadgets and appliances using finger gestures in the air.

No, this is not like the Leap Motion where they detect your hand movements. FIN is straps on to your thumb and you interact using finger and palms, which are more discreet and don’t make you look like you’re waving out for help. FIN should be able to control most devices which have bluetooth support like phones, tablets, TVs and even some car dashes.

They had started an Indiegogo Project to get funding for the development of this product which closed for more than double initial funding requirement for $100,000.

Look at the WearFin site for more details on this project and preorder.

Yet another messenger app, this time from Autodesk.

Looks like it’s the season of messenger apps, as every company seems to want to get a piece of the money pie.

Autodesk Instant is geared more towards workspace messaging, which makes communications between team members, teams and organizational messaging possible. You can take a look at more details about this app from the Google Play Store.

Detailed hands on of the Galaxy S5.

Eldar Murtazin of has posted a detailed write up of the announced but as yet unreleased Galaxy S5. It’s in Russian though. It also includes 3 videos.

Read his review.

Leaked Details of the alleged Google watch

Google announced this week that they would be shortly releasing a SDK for wearable devices. This could be a hint pointing to a the rumored Google Watch wearable following up sometime soon.

Now, @evleaks, who usually get leaks right, has tweeted the a possible set of specs for the Google Smartwatch.

The leaked specs show a device which has a 1.65 inch LCD screen with a resolution of 280×280, 512MB RAM and 4GB internal storage, which is almost comparable to Samsung Galaxy Gear 2. Let’s see if this comes out true.

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