FCam for the N900

Nokia just announced over at Nokia Conversations, the release of a new open-source digital photography platform called FCam, for the N900.

From the post:

“FCam allows the creation of new digital camera applications that help users overcome some of the shortcomings of their devices or create interesting new types of imagery. It is part of the Camera 2.0 project, created in collaboration between Nokia, Stanford, and other partners.

Nokia Fellow Kari Pulli said: “The N900 is a camera phone, but it runs a version of Linux almost as complete as that installed on personal computers”. For this reason, it was chosen as the host device for the FCam platform.

The researchers have already created a series of new photography apps for the platform, some of which will also be free to download. These three will be available from the FCam project pages .”

The platform is available as a free download for the Nokia N900, starting today, at http://fcam.garage.maemo.org/.

They seem to be working towards developing a whole lot of applications that would help you do more with your phone camera (well, N900 camera for now).

“Photo-trickery is also on the cards. One of the applications described in a research paper captured the position and trajectory of playing cards thrown into the air with complete clarity through the use of two flash units, each behaving independently. The paper will be presented next week at the SIGGRAPH conference in Los Angeles.”

Read the whole post over at Nokia Conversations.

On a side note, I sincerely hope this is not the major announcement that they had mentioned earlier. Because if it is, then I’m very, very, very, very, very disappointed!!

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