FeedSquares – a Colorful and Easy to Use Android Feed Reader

FeedSquares is an Android application which allows you to read your Google Reader feeds straight off your phone. I love the colorful interface in this app, and it’s ease of use. You can use your Gmail account or your Google Apps account to sync your feeds into the application.

When you start the application for the first time, you are asked to select an account option to authenticate with. You can choose an existing Google account or Google Apps account to authenticate the application with. Once authenticated, you are led to your feed list which is rendered as colored boxes on screen.

You can navigate the list of feeds by swiping the screen left or right. Each feed  also shows the list of unread items in it. You can head over to the listing of unread news items by choosing one of the blogs. If you’ve already organized your feeds in Google using folders, you can navigate the feeds by folders as well. All you need to do is to enable folder navigation in the application options. Be sure to check out the Top Pick Box – that shows you items that Google Reader has chosen for you based on your reading history.

I love the reading interface of this application, which allows you to read the post right in the app if the feeds have the full body of the post. You can share the news item on Google Reader or through other means by bringing up the options menu while reading a news item.

If you are an avid reader of feeds, and already use Google Reader, this is a great app to continue your reading on the mobile device while on the move.  If it had an auto-refresh and notification of new feed items, this would be been the perfect Feed Reader app for the Android !

You can get this application by searching for “Feedsquares” in the android market or scanning the QR code on the right on your phone.

If you’ve used this app, send us your feedback by commenting below. If you like the Android app, then get FeedSquares for your Google Chrome desktop browser as well, check it out here.

Check out screenshots from the Application in the Gallery below. Click on the thumbnails to get the bigger picture.

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