Five Android Games Which You Must Try

Mobile technology is the next big thing. Android has almost single-handedly taken over a large share of this aspect. The popularity of the Android operating system is quite unrivalled in the present times. It is absolutely not surprising that the market is literally flooded with a variety of mobile apps conducive to this popular operating system. The Android OS can trace it’s origin to the legendary Linux OS. As such, it was quite some time before regular mobile apps were developed to work on the Android platform. iPhone, iPod and iPad already had apps that were compatible to their versions. Android clearly was a late bloomer in the apps market. This time gap was acutely felt with the unavailability of entertainment and gaming apps for the Android platform.

However, today users are spoilt for choices when it comes to Android games apps. You can even make out the best of the lot from the collection of most popular Android games. Here is a peek and the related details regarding five Android games, which you must try. These games should work on most Android handsets.

Angry Birds – Rovio’s popular presentation, this game has established itself in all of the versions that it has been launched in. It has adaptable versions for iPhone, Windows, Mac and the Android OS. The game is simple and most players have claimed that it is quite addictive too. The concept of the game is based on a very basic story. The evil pigs in the game steal the birds’ eggs and the birds get angry; hence Angry birds! There are five sets of birds with their own unique powers and functions. These birds need to be catapulted on to the pigs to destroy them. Each level has its own set of hurdles and difficulties. The sound score of the game is catchy and especially the angry birds’ and the evil pigs’ sounds are very funny. [Market Link]. Don’t forget to try out the other variants of the game as well – Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Seasons.

Labyrinth Lite – The concept is basic yet the game is quite engaging. You have to use an accelerometer to steer a ball through the labyrinth. There are various hurdles at different levels. Make sure that you do not let the ball slip in to the sneaky black holes before it reaches the end point. [Market Link]

Gem Miner – You have to dig in the mines to discover the gems and treasures in Gem Miner. You can then purchase game upgrades with these treasures. Each level has its own randomly generated mines and hurdles. The hurdles include chasms and rock falls. [Market Link]

Bonsai Blast – You have to match 3 or more same colored marbles in a row to remove them from the chain, that’s Bonsai Blast for you. Longer rows of matching can cause a chain reaction that blasts the surrounding marbles away. The game shares its premise with the popular game Jewels. [Market Link]

Tank Hero – For the battle fanatics, this game is ideal. The game is 3D based with amazing graphics and sound quality. You get to control a tank and fight with enemy tanks to win. The game has a set of five enemy tanks. There are 40 difficulty levels and you get 4 weapon choices for the game. [Market Link]

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