Five Education Apps on Android

Android is so popular for open source applications that put their users in great joy. Not to mention, the hugely popular “Angry Birds“. If I continue telling all the apps that Android is popular for, then there are actually more than 70,000 of them, so I can’t list all of them. This article is for all those buddies who are learning; I mean whether you are at school, college etc. you have got Android to your support.

Let me tell you about some nice apps that do neat stuff –

Kindle for AndroidThis is both an amazing resource and an amazing app for students. You get access to over 900, 000 ebooks. You can also get free sample pages. There is a search option which is cool that helps you to find loads of resources related to your subject. The app uses a technology called Whispersync that syncs your last page read, notes, and bookmarks so that you can pick up where you left off. The app offers you three background colors to choose from: White, Serpia and Black. Black is for night reading where the words are illuminated to make it easier to read in poor or no lighting. For day reading you can choose between white and serpia, whichever is soothing to your eyes. The app is known for its speed, be it downloading a book or instantly opening a downloaded book.

Memory TrainerThis app gives you brain exercises that help to improve on your memory tasks. The application targets the area which is responsible for recording information about your environment; in short your spatial memory is subjected to some sort of targeting to achieve an improved memory power. The app provides you with several mini games that keeps your neurons extremely busy. Don’t assume the word ‘games’ to be a waste of time, you are indeed exercising and hence productively spending your time.

Algebra TutorThis one is a life saver. With this app you can practise algebra and prealgebra. You can work out a problem step by step and trace the step in which you might have committed some error. You can also check your stats for various problem types which is saved across app runs. The latest version of this app has added new problem types like fraction addition, fraction multiplication English to variable expression and so on. Definitely worth having if you have to fight with algebra.

Formula LiteThis app is a collection of tools such as a simple calculator and derivator to make learning processes much easier. The application helps you to store most important formulae in Maths, Physics and Chemistry as a collection for later reference.

Pocket KnowledgeThis is a cool app from Wolfram that answers any question you ask. The app is so impressive that the subjects involved are really broad ranging from Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Culture, Sports and many others. You can ask by clicking on ‘New Query’, get your answer and then store it for later use in an easier way by pressing ‘Archive’. The app has a streamlined iphone-like interface which is cool. It also retrieves multithreaded queries when you refer to archives, in a very fast manner.

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