Flash under performing on Chome OS

Google just showcased their CR-48 notebook recently which is running on Google’s own Chrome OS. Adobe’s Flash player on the Chrome OS is still under-performing according to reviewers of the device. This is causing the notebooks to struggle keeping up with streaming videos and flash heavy sites.

A post from Adobe’s blog confirms that they know about this issue and they are working with Google to fix the issue before the notebook goes into retail sales.

“In terms of Chrome notebooks specifically, as with many aspects of the device, Flash Player 10.1 support remains a work in progress. Video performance in particular is the primary area for improvement and we are actively working with the engineers at Google to address this. Enabling video acceleration will deliver a more seamless experience on these devices. Because Flash Player is integrated directly into Chrome Notebooks, users will automatically benefit from the latest features and improvements as new versions of the software are pushed out.”

Adobe’s team is working on integrating video acceleration into the Flash player to improve it’s performance on Chrome OS. They also go on the assure users of Chrome OS, that since Flash is an integral part of the OS, an OS update will also update the Flash Player and users won’t have to manually go find updates for Flash.


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