Flickring HD for your Retina iPad

Flickr – the online photo sharing service, is one of the best destinations for beautiful images (500px is getting there too). Then there’s the  iPad which is a  very convenient way to store, retrieve, sort, edit and share photos with others. There are already a number of Flickr applications for iPad which on the App Store. But which one should you get?


Pixite LLC  has announced a new update for ‘Flickring HD for Flickr’. The company has also developed Web Albums for iPhone and Web Albums HD for Picasa (so you know that they have what it takes to make a good app to connect with various photo services). Now, iPad users will be able to view 2048 pixel level high quality images and the quality of view can be maintained even when you zoom-in. You can also view 1080p HD video on your iPad. There is also some good news for DSLR camera users: If you capture shots in RAW format, the new application will be able to convert them into JPEG format. You can straightaway upload them to Flickr after converting into JPEG.

Another commendable new feature is that you will be able to  manage privacy as you upload your photos to Flickr. The image information that you do not wish to upload automatically can be stripped down by utilizing the new features. While implementing these new features for advanced users, Flickring HD still looks after the simplicity of access.

The new update is supported on iOS 4.3 and above devices. It’s a paid app and costs $3.99, but if you are a Flickr user, it’s worth it.

You can also visit the website for more details, here.


Pic Credits – Flickringapp.

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