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Smartphone apps that serve a variety of needs are being developed by application developers and thence, being adapted by users from various walks of life. There are applications that let you know what to eat, what not to eat and how much should you eat. There are applications that enhance your gaming experience. You have literally every kind of application that cover every facet of your life from the moment you rise up from the bed to the time you retire to take rest at night.

One such type of apps are, Transit Applications, which will save you money, effort and fuel. There is a wide range of transit applications that can update you with real-time information. Information provided by typical applications includes the availability of public transport system, mode of transport (road, rail and air), the frequency of operation, etc. As you get access to such kind of information, you will save time of the journey and you can invest your time and effort in productive ways.

Here’s a couple of transit apps which cover a wide geography

Nokia Transit – Nokia Transport is an on-the-go companion for public transport information — the equivalent of thousands of maps and schedules and timetables, all in your pocket.  You can get details on  departure times for buses, trains, trams and more, and figure out which stop or station is closest to you.

Key features of Nokia Transit:

  • Get scheduled directions door-to-door, combining different modes of public transport
  • Find a list of the closest stations and stops, along with schedules for each
  • Know where to get off: with the line detail view, you can see upcoming stations and the times you arrive at them
  • Use Nokia Maps to help you find your way in the walking sections of your journey
  • Pin your most-used destinations to the start screen

This app is available free for users of Nokia Lumia phones which runs of Windows Phone. The large list of cities covered by Nokia Transit is available at this link.

Google Maps Transit – One of the best transit city app having a distinctly wide coverage is Google Transit. Google Transit is part of the feature of the Google Maps app available for Android phones and tablets. An entire trip can be planned using this app, as it covers most transportation modes, including driving and walking. So you can get walking directions to the nearest public transport stop and also direction from the final stop to your destination.

Be it step by step directions, transit stops in your location, or station information along-with schedules, Google Transit proudly boasts of having it all, including bus routes here in India.Click here for information of areas of coverage for Google’s Transit information.

Both the above apps would always be helpful to you.

Now, let us know more about a few apps which are very geographic centric, particularly for people in United States. Here they are –

Go Metro Los Angeles – Go Metro is the application that was launched by the Los Angeles Department of Transportation. Visitors as well as local citizens will be able to plan their day-to-day journeys and occasional visits with the help of this useful application. The application being powered by GPS will let you know the transit station that is nearest to you. The advantage with this application is that you can deploy on Apple as well as Android based smartphones. As you deploy the application in your mobile phone, you will get direct alerts from the Metropolitan Transport Authority as well.

SBS Next Bus – Singapore is the most advanced country in East Asia. The small country is quick to adapt to the latest technologies that affect all walks of life. SBS Next Bus is the application that eases your life with its easy to use features. You will know the nearest bus stop by GPS powered application. SB Buses is for Apple users. There is another application for Android users called SBS Next Bus app which gives you journey calendar as well as a bus arrival timing chart.

Muni+ – Muni+ application can be deployed on both iPhones and Androids. It was designed by Sky Highways on the call given by San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority. You can find the frequency of buses, locate the nearest bus stops and you can also check your Clipper card balance.

TransitTimes Portland – The transit authority in the Portland area, TriMet will supply the data which can be used by third party application developers. The frequency of operations, the timings and the traffic alerts delivered by the city information system will help application developers to better present the required information for the users. The application called as Transit Times Portland will give you extensive information through various modes including rail, road and air. It is an application that runs on Apple gadgets. For Android users, another application called Portland Transit will serve the purpose. The advantage of this application is that it is the voice enabled hence users can use their application by voice commands.

The above applications are some applications that serve the needs of users who depend on the public transport system. If you are depending on your own transport system, you can download and install relevant (which are plenty) mobile applications to serve your specific geographic & utility needs.

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