Free twitter clients on s60v3: You do have options

Let me start off by saying that while there are other options apart from these, such as snaptu, 

I chose to look at these because they are symbian applications, and are (for the most part) standalone twitter applications. Most importantly, they are free!

Few things that I would look for include doing twitter admin work (follow, unfollow, block, etc, etc), open/embed links (with url shortening if possible), the ability to view lists, upload images to twitpic or other services. So I tried out three applications, and here’s what I think of them:


Tweets60 is the most popular free twitter app (there is a paid version too).  The main thing going for it is the clean interface. You have 4 pages to scroll through, your timeline, replies, Direct Messages and your Fav tweets. You can add bookmarks from your phone into tweets, which is a nice feature. There is no way to upload photos through the application, and there is no inline preview. You can click on links and hastags and open them up in your browser. The app is simple, easy to use and highly recommended! You can download the application from the developers site, here, or directly from Ovi Store.

Socially Mobile

Socially is another nice application, which stands out from the others here because

it gives you access to Facebook, Foursquare and Linkedin apart from twitter. It has all the standard admin functions sorted out, such as follow,block etc. Two things make this stand out: GeoTagging of tweets, and their Social Phonebook feature, which brings your FB, Twitter and Linkedin contacts and merges them with your phonebook! So you get to see Profile Pics, Updates etc in your contact list, and when you call! Really neat! Unfortunately, the autorefresh needs to be updated, as right now the smallest interval is 30 minutes.You can download the app from the developers site, here, or from the Ovi Store.


Trill is a twitter client from SpiceLabs,  with a UI that resembles Gravity. Unfortunately, it’s not as refined as Gravity. While it does all the main stuff quite well, the UI is a little confusing: making your way back up from the tweet you were reading to the top is quite a pain. It has the ability to open links from tweets, and follow hashtags. There’s no photo upload option, or geotagging, but the option to click on a tweet to open up functions is very nicely done. You can download trill from the  Ovi Store.

Again, there are a lot of options out there, (you can try Snaptu or Twim). None of these clients support multiple accounts or photo uploads, but they’re more than sufficient for the average twitter user!

Check out the whole gallery below. If you think we’ve missed out anything, let us know by commenting below, or catch us on twitter, we’re @myportableworld!

Do note that these apps are for S60V3, but they also have Symbian^1 versions too!

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  1. Hi :)

    Thank you for the article. I think it is true that none of these free apps have Twitter picture upload feature unlike other free J2ME apps like Twibble, Snaptu (beta), Twim etc.


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