Friday App for Android

Friday for Android – I Know What I Did Last Summer!

Don’t remember what you did last summer, or who you called last week?  Yes, it is possible by Friday, an Android application that is available in beta version.

Friday App for Android

Origin of Friday

Friday is developed by Dexetra, a small company which started in 2010. The company had developed a popular application called ‘Iris’ which works similar to iOS’s Siri. Friday has attracted more than 55,000 sign ups in the beta stage itself. Friday is really an intelligent and innovative application. Developers have incorporated some features which really make sense and makes your life easy. You may feel as if you are sleeping in the lap of technology. The application will answer all your queries.

What all is Friday capable of?

  • This app can record all the events for you. It will record who called you on your phone, what calls you were not able to attend while you were enjoying your favorite movie in iMax theater, etc.
  • The app will keep track of your communications. It will help you analyze the data and will remind you of the things that you wish to perform.
  • While you are travelling in a car, it will alert you when you are passing by your friend’s residence. You can raise queries to find a restaurant that offers your favorite dish.
  • It will also keep track of the phone features that you tweak quite often. It can trace photos that you are accessing quite frequently.
  • Your activity on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. is tracked and recorded, ready for recall at any moment.
  • Your phone’s battery level is also tracked. It is really a nice personal data capturing application to prepare a beautiful timeline for you automatically.
  • You can raise queries in natural language as is done on Apple’s Siri application.
  • You can command Friday to find out all the past interactions that you have made with a particular contact. The app will create an index of different aspects of your life. These details can be obtained whenever you want and wherever you want with a single voice command.

The app goes one step ahead by not restricting its usage ‘as a processor for a memory reservoir’, but ‘by offering assistance to users in human intelligence aspect’. You can talk to the application. You can communicate with the application in everyday language. The way the application performs actions can be compared to the way high level languages enable programmers to communicate with computers.

Other Usages

Friday, the app offers a decent user interface. Timewarp section will let you manage your timeline. Spaceview will manage the information related to your travels all through the years. Infograph section maintains all the information pertaining to your phone calls in graphical format. While Iris application collects and presents the information by capturing from the whole world, Friday application will present information related to your own world and your relations with others.

For these reasons, Friday can be called your personal assistant and your Life Analytics tool.  Sign up for the beta program on their site –

Check out this video showing why you’ll need this app.

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