Fujitsu's WaterProof Biometrics enabled NFC phones

Fujitsu announces NFC WaterProof Phones with Biometrics!

Technology always develops according to the direction of the consumer demands. This is true for every field of technology. Mobile phones are a vital area where technology constantly adds more to the consumers’ comforts and benefits. The latest in this line of developments is the launch of three Fujitsu mobile phones, which feature Authentec’s innovative finger print sensors.

Fujitsu is famous for its competitive quality standards. The company has come up with the brand new models, F-09C, F-10C and F-11C. NTT Docomo collaborated with Fujitsu in this project. The models were categorized in three series namely – Prime, Style and Smart series. The mobile phones include the high tech sensor AES1750 by Authentec. Adding biometric components to mobile phones give them an added boost, in terms of features as well as speed and safety. The companies are pitching the fact that inclusion of biometric in mobiles can help the consumers conduct safe and speedy transactions at all the NFC transaction and payment centers in Japan. It is true that finger sensors heighten the touch-enabled features of the mobile phones. When the sensors are as powerful as the ones used in these series mobiles, the safety and user-friendliness of the models are bound to increase tenfold.

Fujitsu's WaterProof Biometrics enabled NFC phones

The sensor should not just be effective; it also needs a competent design that can help it achieve maximum results. AES1750 sensors come with water resistance. This is a huge leap in mobile technology, since water and damp conditions are considered the worst mobile hardware enemies. Eliminating the dangers created by the presence of water, adds to the durability and functionality of the product. The technology used here is the Touchstone packaging technology. This is the innovative development, which produces aesthetically pleasing and most competitive designs for the sensor chips. Fortunately, due to this high impact technology, the sensors are smooth colored and have a uniform surface throughout.

The biggest benefit that this technology provides to the mobiles is that the touch sensitivity of the mobiles increases. Therefore, controlling the touch functions and effects is easier and more accurate. Further features include emulation of full body touch pad and better cursor placements. These mobiles eliminate the need of using conventional mobile hardware, like joysticks, for the basic functions. Each series model has unique specifications that make them suitable for different types of target audiences.

The F-09C prime series comes with a 3.5-inch rotating-touch screen. The 16.3 megapixel camera is powerful enough to capture clear pictures and high definition videos. The mobile also has a waterproof body. The F-10C style series sports a 12.2 megapixel camera with a sleek body. The highlight of this series is that it exudes style with its jewel design concept and the ‘prism glass illumination” feature that bounces lights. F-11C smart series is for business class users. The phone is slim with just a 12.8 mm thick body. The features of this phone are altered to adjust business needs and professional demands. All these mobile phone models are water resistant and can go the extra mile about durability.

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