Fujitsu Arrow ES Water Proof Phone

You might have slipped your mobile in toilet or wash basin accidentally at least once in your lifetime. It is a great loss for anyone both financially and in other ways until an alternative is set up to restore contacts and important alerts, etc. Fujitsu brings an end to your worries. That means, now you will be able to work with your tablet or mobile even after its toilet obsession. Let us know more about these water-loving gadgets.


In recent years, much buzz is going about water-proof gadgets. It is really wonderful to watch the phone performing normally even after a full dip in a bowl of water. The live demonstration was performed by Fujitsu at CES, 2012. It is reported that Fujitsu will prove the capabilities of these phones first on its homeland, Japan before having any idea of shipping them to US. It is said that the phone can guarantee the performance for up to 5 feet dip in water or up to 30 minutes time in water. The phone, Fujitsu Arrows ES is a 6.7mm thin waterproof mobile which works on Android operating system. This is a super slim model from Fujitsu and also comes with watertight shell. The phone is slightly wider at the top edge where rear facing cameras are fitted.

The phone weighs approximately 100 grams. The features include 1.4GHz Qualcomm processor, 512 MB RAM, 1 GB ROM and a resolution of 480×800 with a screen size of 4”. It also supports NFC and DLNA besides having the ability to connect through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Micro SD provision is also available. Another attraction is that it comes with a cable-free charging dock as part of its accessories. It is expected that the phone will be priced reasonably to attract customers who work in areas where their mobile phones are exposed to water and water vapor. Even though the new Fujitsu Arrows ES can be found in Japanese market, it may hit US market as well in the coming days. The company has already received clearance from FCC to enable its sales in US. This gives the hint that the company has ambitious plans to market in various parts of the globe.

Even though the idea behind launching waterproof phone might be ridiculed by some customers or tech analysts, it can be taken in a positive note. There are many reasons that support the requirement of a waterproof mobile phone. For example, when it is the case with kids, they are likely to mishandle the phone. Even though parents try to protect their mobiles by making them not go into their kids’ hands, one cannot rule out the possibility of landing their mobiles into them at one time or the other. There are also instances where adults carry mobiles in their hands and pockets and exposed to various places like water sports or rainy conditions. It is difficult to avoid such circumstances and only possibility is getting geared up with waterproof mobiles or not carrying mobiles at all to such exposed places. Even though Fujitsu demonstrates the phone’s capability to resist water up to 30 minutes, it is not prudent to check the same in off-factory and off-lab conditions. Customers get the advantage of carrying a mobile with them without having any fears to any location.

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