In the Future, Charge your Phone in Seconds with Lightning

Nokia has teamed with scientists from University of Southampton in the UK, to tame the lightning to try charging a Lumia 925 with it. This sounds a but like Benjamin Franklin flying a kite in a thunderstorm. But this experiment goes to show that taming nature’s forces can sometime lead to surprising results.

In a lab setting, they simulated lightning using 200,000 volts of electricity sent across a gap of 300 millimeters. This gave up lightning sparks between that gap, this energy was then captured via a transformer to charge the phone. The surprising results of this experiment was that they were able to charge up the phone fully in a matter of seconds.

You shouldn’t try this at home, but if this actually makes its way to your homes through consumer channels in the future, this would be a breakthrough, since you won’t need to carry your spare batteries and battery packs with you when you travel, just plug your phone into the nearest lightning charger, and you’ll have enough juice in seconds to last you another few hours.

Here’s a video from Nokia showing you how it’s done.

via Nokia Conversations


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