Game Gripper for the N900

For those of you who do have various emulators running on your N900, i’m sure you would’ve complained about sore thumbs  after playing a few games.. The N900’s key just isn’t designed for gaming and definitely isn’t comfortable enough for hours on end of gaming.

This is where Game-Gripper comes in, it basically is a  slide on keyboard for the N900. It highlights the keys that you will be using for gameplay, making it much easier to hold the N900 as well.

The Game Gripper is a simple Solution to the problem created by the N900’s non gamer friendly keypad. Unfortunately it isn’t a cheap alternative, but if you’re the hardcore gamer $14.95 could be justifiable. The link to the store can be found here.

The GameGripper works only on apps that have a customizable keyboard map.

We haven’t tried out the Game Gripper for the N900 ourselves, but do check out the video below.

Do let us know what you think of the Game Gripper.

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