Game Review: Pointless Buttons

Before you start to veer away from this page, there’s more to the name than you might think. “Pointless Buttons” isn’t one of those things that you were hoping to see on your facebook wall/feed to put trolls in place (although that would be a handy addition – fb Dev team, hope you’re taking notes); this in fact, is a really addictive game from the guys at Polymorphic Dissociations.

Simplicity in games seems to be a lost art these days, but this game builds from that very concept, having the player hit the said ‘pointless’ buttons as fast as they come without missing too many. The concept is fairly straightforward, yet hard to master with the game testing both your speed and accuracy. There are 4 (read:3) different game modes, each with its own twist, but essentially the same notion behind each of them – hit the damn button and try not to miss! (Don’t worry, unlike in LOST, you won’t have to do it every 108 minutes and luckily the fate of the world doesn’t depend on it.. Safe!)

The game is available for free on the android Marketplace (it’d be ‘pointless’ to let this one slip by). You can download it here. Or just scan the QR Code below.


Also, check out the video review by Totallydubbed HD.

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