Game Review: Wind Up Knight

Wind Up Knight by Robot Invader is a really good example of why Mobile Gaming is so popular now. It’s got amazing graphics, really good game-play, has a brilliant story line and is just generally very well made. The best part is, it’s free!

You’re a Wind Up Knight (Rremember those wind up toys? The cars? Yup, that Wind Up). You’re off on a knightly mission to save the Princess. Along the way, you’ll have to gear up for different missions; swords, shields, helms, all that. Game actions are added on as you go along, so you start off with just the ability to jump, then you get to use your sword, shield and roll. The controls placement could be awkward at times because of the speed at which you’ll have to respond.

The level selection and switching is really well designed too. It’s a bunch of tomes, bound and all.

You need to collect money and keys (to stay wound up) along the way, and you can use the gold you’ve collected to get new armour, swords and helms. You also have an in-app purchasing option, and I recommend buying something off that. The game is free, and this is one way to help the developer. Do note that your in-app purchases will not be carried across devices, but I don’t thing that should stop you. Oh, and you can’t go back a level and get more notes/coins, so make sure you collect them all!

Anyways, go ahead and download the game from the Android Market, here. It’s free!

Here’s a video review of the game, courtesy @TotallydubbedHD. Check out his YouTube channel for more awesome videos.

Oh, and the controls bit I was talking about? Here’s a video about that.

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