Geeks, Gamers and Love!

Dating never has and never will be easy. And if you’re a gamer or a geek or both, then God help you! Or wait, does God even need to bother? Geeky gamers have solutions to problems even God can’t imagine. There are enough and more websites for exploring your dating options in the geeky or gaming world.

Some of them are mentioned below –

Sweet on GeeksIt calls itself the geek ‘social network’ on the web and acts like it too. A blurb has been posted on the website that calls out to geeks around the world. It is not just a dating site, but one to ‘be appreciated for who you are‘. The good thing about this website is that it does not limit the options of the self proclaimed geeks, and gives space to befriend, date or just brag about the newly acquired Flash comic collection. The membership charges are minimal at $5 a month.

CupidtinoApple fans have an exclusive place for meeting and greeting each other. And they don’t even need to talk just about Apple, but they will end up doing that. You need an Apple device to obtain a login and password. Your Apple device will look for its compatible Apple device and find a perfect match for you. You can post your profile online describing your basics, photos, favourites, gadgets and other details. Enter and maybe you can change the Apple inclination and turn it to a dating site like it calls itself.

GamerDatingAnother hot site for gamers to look for other gamers. It looks like a hub for gamers , where I’m sure gaming related topics are discussed in detail. The website describes itself as, “the product of good friends, a good idea and great passion“. It boasts of bridging distances between gamers who live poles apart. It seems like a decent endeavour by simple relatable people. All the ‘five friends’ have put something about themselves on the website making it more appealing to the users.

DatecraftDatecraft, as the website describes itself, is “a seriously-funny (and funnily-serious) way for those that call themselves gamer to meet others that share the very same interest“. Their mission is to provide a simple, fun, and engaging site which assists and facilitates the building of relationships between Gamers and Video Game enthusiasts. The forums include contests and promotions, introductions, advice and assistance, art and music, singles, couples and testimonials, science and technology, health and fitness and Nintendo stuff. So, the website seems to cater to gaming and non-gaming conversations, thus opening the forum to people to go beyond game related topics.

IntellectConnectIf you don’t call yourself a ‘geek’, well then you intellectuals are in for a treat on this website. They have not tried to be uber cool, but the big attraction is their simplicity and wit. They call themselves a ‘meeting of minds’, thus appealing to the raw intelligence of all those whose IQ scores jumped over their charts. This website resembles DateCraft in their ‘Hot or Not’ scale. They also have a page titled ‘Success Stories’ where members have posted how they met the love of their lives and the path their stories have taken.

There is no doubt that geeks and gamers are becoming famous by the day, first with Big Bang Theory, and now with the plethora of options the internet has to offer to them, to discover their identities and to meet people with the same interests.

After all, matches are not just made in heaven.

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