Google Maps for iOS is back

Google has finally released the much awaited Google Maps for the iPhone and if you have an iOS device, you really should just download it ASAP. It’s got pretty much everything: Navigation, Search, Zagat reviews for restaurants, Street View, 2D and 3D Maps; and a few things more: It’s much much cleaner than the Android version, alternate routes for navigation are just one clean easy swipe away.

Functionality-wise, it’s pretty much what we’ve come to expect from Google when it comes to it’s Maps app. The way it’s implemented though, is so much better than the Android app; both in terms of the aesthetics and the way various functions are implemented.

The first view above is of a searched route. Swipe the tile at the bottom and it’ll show alternate routes, along with traffic conditions, etc. Tap that to move into the alternate route (the second image above). Navigation works as expected too (Above Left).

Download the app from the App Store:


‎Google Maps - Transit & Essen
‎Google Maps - Transit & Essen

Google also announced a new Google Maps SDK for iOS. You can read the full post on the Google Geo Developers Blog.


Source: Official Google Blog| Via: The Verge

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