Google Maps on the Nokia N900

Google Maps Mobile on the N900
Google Maps Mobile on the N900

Google still hasn’t released their version of the Google Maps application for the N900, which is unfortunate. Luckily since the N900 has a full featured browser, you can use the Google Maps mobile site itself to find your way around. Before you head over to the google site, head over to the Application Manager and install the maemo-geolocation plugin for the browser. This plugin allows the browser on the N900 to share you location with a website.

Once you have this plugin install, head over to the Google Maps mobile site using this URL – When you access the site, you’ll be asked whether to share your location with the site. Allow the site to access your location, and you’ll see a map centered around your location. You can search using the search bar on the top of the screen. You can zoom into an area by double tapping an area in when the cursor mode enabled.

To enable the cursor mode on your N900 browser, just swipe your finger from just outside the left side of the screen to the right into the screen, and click on the arrow button to enable it (if you find this hard to enable, like I did, try it with the stylus).

This isn’t as good as a native application, but hey it’s a good alternate while we wait for Google to bring it out for the N900. Now only if Google had a way to download maps offline to save on data usage! Ovi Maps does provide this option, but then their coverage in India still leaves a lot to be desired.

Here are some screenshots of Google Maps mobile on the N900 browser.

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