Google Play Movies lands in India – Buy and Rent Videos on Android

Google Play comes to India

A month after Google Books came to India, Google Play’s Movies has finally reached our shores. Now you can buy or rent movies straight from your Android Phone or tablet. I wouldn’t go start downloading as yet.

2013-03-28 23.39.07Google’s India Movie store currently features both English and Hindi movies, though mostly English movies are featured in the various sections with a few Hindi movies sprinkled here and there. You can search for Hindi movies though.

The prices are also not uniform, you can rent movies from around Rs. 60-80 upwards, and buy them from 150 bucks onwards. Popular  movies can also go to around Rs. 650 for the HD version of the movie. OK. the pricing is way too much for my linking anyway. But if you compare these prices to iTunes’s India pricing, they seem quite comparable with a few rupees off here or there.

Another thing is not all the movies are available for rent. You can either stream the videos or download them to an Android device for offline viewing. There are a few caveats to this service. If you buy a movie, you can download it to a max of five devices, rented movies can only be accessed on one device.

In my opinion, Google (and Apple as well) should take a look at the pricing of their movies if they are looking at mass adoption, at least in the metro areas here. I’m not sure how many people would really end up paying 650 bucks or more for a HD version of the movie.

Head over and check out the service on your device or online at Google Play Movies.

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