Google puts its foot down. Stops Android Fragmentation.

Perhaps, one of the significant reasons why Apple is still defiant on losing its market share in the mobile operating system business for smartphones and tablets is; because of its strict policy of not allowing its hardware manufacturing partners and carriers of their services to extensively customize the products, services, solutions, apps, etc. fabricated by Apple. Contrast to this, is what Google had been doing till sanity prevailed, before which there was absolute pandemonium in the way Google’s Android OS was being sold by most Original Equipment Manufacturers and its carriers.

Being quite an open platform has done a lot of good for Android with several developers becoming its fans for the kind of liberty they had while churning out innovative apps. However, this has also proven to be a “curse in disguise”. Ask, How? Android has failed to keep a watchful eye on all its business partners. From those who make the devices onto which Android is embedded as an OS to its carrier, from the wholesalers who sell them to the retail showrooms, to those resellers who in-turn sell the devices to the end-consumers.

It is not that any of these business partners are messing with the Android OS already developed, but here could be several instances where the right kind of product has not been handed over to the right consumer. To name a few –

  • Several rounds of customization of apps to suit the consumer’s requirement could result in the consumer buying an outdated Android version without being aware of that fact.
  • Embedding several skins, apps, etc. which the customer wants could make the smartphone or tablet look like an ugly device. Keeping a gadget aesthetic to how it was developed helps maintain the look of the device.
  • The absence of constant updates to the handsets is a real bad business experience for Android.
  • The release of handset products which carry outdated versions of Android, is another glitch in Android’s business functioning. One of the major reasons for this has been the consistent strangling that Google undergoes by the phone makers and the carriers.

[ad#ga-cbox-right]It is hence time for Google to put its foot down and show who the real boss is. It has to ensure that its ultimate goal is to enable that there exist happy and delighted consumers and no other relationship stands bigger than its relationship with consumers. So, in order to maintain a much-needed quality control Google needs to and rightly has put into effect the “non-fragmentation clauses” policy.

Of course there are certain other crises like how Verizon is not agreeing to drop Bing from some phones, but the most vital issue now for Android is to ensure that consumers get what they deserve; which is an Android label that means something – An issue which Google hasn’t resolved in a long time and hence one that needs to be quickly redressed. The “non-fragmentation clauses” policy could be one step towards managing this problem and with this there’s hope of the predicament being solved.

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