Google Reader on Symbian Mobiles through Gravity (Alpha)

A functionality sorely missing on the Symbian platforms was a good feed reader. Jan Ole has bridged that gap by providing a beta version of Google Reader integration on Gravity. This feature allows you to get the latest feeds from your list from your Google Reader account straight to your phone.

Since this functionality is in the new alpha build, you have to install the 1.24.6074 build(Download ALPHA-gravity-1.24.6074) and go to the add account screen.

Add Accounts

You’ll see the new Google Reader beta option under there. Choose that and add your Google account details in the following screen. Once you’ve added your account successfully, you’ll see the News Reader update in the main screen on Gravity.

News Reader

All you need to go to your feeds is to click on the News Reader to get to your latest items. Currently, the feeds are listed in the order of when the feeds are fetched from Google.

All Feeds

The best part of this functionality is you have access to your feeds categorized by your folders. Just click on the left and right navigation key to access your folders. Here’s how a folder’s items look in Gravity.

News Folder View

Once you get to an article you want to read. Just click on the article to get to the options to Read it in Gravity. You can also send the URL of the article to the online bookmarking site, or open it in the browser. To do that, just click on the URL option which comes up.

Read Options

Here’s how to full article reader screen looks on Gravity – the text is pretty readable and scrolls to accomodate the full article, if it’s available in the feed.

Full Article

Overall the Google Reader feature on Gravity is a must have for people who want their news fix on the move. If you haven’t yet bought gravity, get this alpha build and try out this feature (for 10 days). I’m sure you’ll want to buy Gravity after that. This functionality on Gravity is available for both Symbian Series 60 V3 and V5 devices.

Gravity is slowly evolving from a micro blogging client to a full fledged social media application. Way to go!

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