Google Sync Now adds GMail Support

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Google SyncGoogle Sync, the OTA setup by google to sync your google contacts and calender, has now added GMail support. So you can now sync your GMail with your phone’s native mail client without any additional software. “Having an over-the-air, always-on connection means that your inbox is up to date, no matter where you are or what you’re doing”, says Google. Go ahead and check it out at from your computer!

While the site does not specifically mention email support for S60 phones, I have tried it out and I’m happy to say it works!!

Follow the instructions to set up the sync profile on your phone, (you’ll need Mail for Exchange installed first, get it here) at Google’s sync setup page. Follow the instruction on screen to set up your contacts and your calender sync (remember, to keep your phone contacts on, set initial sync to keep phone contacts). While the instructions say that mail is not yet supported, select the synchronize mail option and enter your login details.

And you’re now set! No more worries about Nokia Messaging Email or any other mail clients.

You can also browse your GMail contacts separately, through the company directory search, in case you did not set the contacts sync on.

(Warning: Google does advise users to backup all their calender and contacts data prior to the first sync, in the event of a complete overwrite.)

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