Google to push Android into India & China

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Google to push Android into India & China

Nokia and Samsung rule the Indian market according to the data from Admob, a mobile advertising network, and Google wants a piece of this pie.

Android phones haven’t yet made big in roads into the price-conscious Indian market yet. This is due to the fact that most Android phones currently available are in the higher end of the price spectrum. Even the Samsung Galaxy, which is a model which was launched more than a year back, is still retailing at more than 20,000 rupees in India. This high cost has limited the entry of the Android handsets in the general Indian population.

In the smart-phone segment Nokia, Samsung and other players have non-android handsets which are much cheaper than the android variants. An example, Samsung Wave and Samsung Galaxy S are two phones with almost identical specs, but the Samsung Wave running on Bada is around 10,000 rupees cheaper than the Android based Samsung Galaxy S.

Google seems to be kicking into action now and Business week reports Google is planning on a drive to push the Android into the Indian and Chinese markets by working with handset makers like Huawei and LG develop cheaper Android devices to sell in this market.

Huawei's Entry Level Android Device

In fact, there’s news on the internet (check engadget) with leaked images of Huawei’s entry level phone running on Android. This device is rumored to have a 2.8 inch screen with a 3.2 mega-pixel camera and runs on Android 2.2. There’s speculation that they’re planning on launching this device sometime in August.

Google’s also planning on roping in developers to  build  localized applications for these handsets. Users in India currently, can only download free applications from the Android Market and don’t see paid applications in the listing. This limits the ability of developers to sell their applications in India. So they are looking at working with developers to look at ways to monetize the applications which they develop. Hopefully they should be opening up the full Android Market in India, if they want their platform to succeed.

What do you think? Will Google manage to rule the mobile market in India? Leave us a comment below.

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