Google Weather Fun on your Android and iPhone

Now for some fun with weather on your Android device or iPhone, just open the Browser on your phone and search for Weather and see what comes up.

Apart from the regular results for weather related sites, you now get the weather forecast right on top. What’s better, if you let your browser send your location to Google, you’ll get the weather at your current location. The search gives the current temperature, humidity, windspeed and the expected weather for the next four days. What’s more you can also use the slider at the bottom to see the weather trends for the next 12 hours. Try that out and watch the temperature and windspeed change.

Google’s really trying to redefine the search experience for mobile users, showing up information upfront without having to click through a whole other set of links. How did you like your Google Weather Experience? Let us know by commenting below. As always, we’re @myportableworld on twitter and you can join our Facebook Fan Page here.

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