GroupShot for iPhone: Fix it once you’re done clicking

Most of us will be familiar with this scenario – you gather with a group of friends/family/colleagues for an event/occasion. During this event, everyone poses for the obligatory group shot. But wait, someone just got distracted and an otherwise perfect photo has that one black spot!
Ever wish you could juxtapose that one part of the photo from another to get the perfect shot? Say hello to GroupShot.
GroupShot is an application which helps you get that flawless group photo.
On entering the application, there are 2 options for creating the picture – take new photo or choose from library. Since I did not have people around me at the time (especially for a group shot), I chose the second option. A message popped up asking to enable location services on the phone, otherwise the application can’t read from your camera roll library!
Select  ‘Yes’ and you will be taken to the Location Services which is under the Settings on the iPhone.
Once I enabled Locations Services on the phone for GroupShot, I went back to the message and selected ‘No’ option.  Then I clicked on the ‘Choose from Library’ option from the main screen. This goes to your photo library. I wanted to experiment with the demo pictures supplied with the application so I selected the ‘GroupShot Demo Album’.Here I found 8 picture – 4 group shots of 2 families. One group was in a garden environment and the other on the beach. I chose the beach shots by selecting the pictures and clicking Done. You can choose any set of photos as the set that you want to work with at that time.
The application loaded the 4 photos with some icons on top. The ‘New’ button takes you back to the main menu to shoot a new picture or start over. The arrow icons were for editing a step backward & step forward. The 3rd icon was for sharing – you can save the photo, share it on Facebook, Twitter and also email the picture. The 4th icon was for selecting the best photo in the set to work with. I chose to work with the default photo loaded (as seen above) so I skipped back to the editing screen.
In the default picture, the boy was looking down and not into the camera. If you want to change the image, say, make the boy’s face to look ahead into the shot, you just select that are by rubbing your finger on his face. Note: you need not be very precise in the selection, it will take some tries.
The selection created a yellow mask on the face and the other 3 photos on the side zoomed to show the boy’s face. You can now choose which face to replace in the original shot. I selected the bottom last picture of the boy smiling into the camera by clicking on it. The application starts to change the picture by ‘performing magic’. This might  seem like a funny message, but it does perform magic!
Voila! The boy’s face was replaced in the default picture and I could not detect any faults. Of course, with real-time pictures, you would have to be very precise in the selection!
Positives: Great tool to get those picture-perfect group shots.
Negatives: The picture is saved in a low resolution. Location services needs to be enabled!
GroupShot is available for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running iOS 4.0 or later. And at $0.99 cents, it isn’t a bad deal! You can download it from the App Store, here.

This is a Guest Post by Teja Nishant. You can find her on twitter, @desinor, and on her blog

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