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There’s been a huge change in the way we get and read (consume) news, and it can be directly attributed to iOS devices. The way you would interact with a Newspaper or Magazine in print is completely different to the way you would do the same on a tablet or mobile device. We’ve been seeing quite a few publishers that have moved to a digital distribution system, or are moving there (The Daily would be the biggest example; a paper created just for the iPad). It’s a refreshing change to be able to view media related to the article, as opposed to reading something and then seeing it on the TV (or the other way round as the case may be).

 Speaking of which, here’s a iOS magazine that’s geared towards HiFi enthusiasts and provides news,  reviews and insights into all the products in the HiFi world; I’m talking about everything Audio/Video. AND it has all the interactive elements that I mentioned earlier, while still maintaining a magazine feel, which is what most of us would be comfortable viewing.

 Each issue is available in German and English, and the start screen shows tabs to switch between the current latest copy, all the issues published and the ones that you have downloaded onto your device. You just select the issue that you want, and it’ll download it (as seen on the left) and once that’s done, you’re in.

Once in, you have the standard magazine view. Navigate to the next article by swiping across, or you can view the index, accessible on the navigation bar on top to get a page view (which you can swipe through) to get to the page that you want. You can also search and finally, save articles by adding them to your favourites list.

When you’re reading a column, you’ll be able to view media and links by clicking on the icons that pop up. It could be images, links to the product page, or even a handy info tab on what a certain term or product is (like what is a HbbTV on the current issue, as of writing).

Of course, it is a magazine, and the content matters. The articles are quite objective, to the point, and if you need some help deciding on what product you need, and you need an un-biased opinion, I’d say have a look through their issues and you might find something that’ll help you make up your mind. The best part is, the content is easy to read, even for a layman.

Have a look through their site, it’s www.hifivision.net or just download the apps for your iOS device, here. It’s free AND there’s no subscription charge!

Here are a few more screenshots of the app (click to enlarge all images in this article):


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