How do we use our Mobile Phones through the day?

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Do you know what people use on their mobiles through the day? TNS Mobile Life’s study shows what people use mobile phones for in their daily life across various countries. According to TNS they’ve interviewed around 34,000 mobile users across over 43 countries and collated the results in the cool looking interactive graphs you can see on their site The graph above shows the patterns of mobile usage in India and Singapore.

Jon Russel over at Asian Correspondent took these graphs and created a easy to read version of the study titled How mobile phones are used across Asia.  In his report, he summaries that in India, SMS  still remains the most popular activity though the day followed by gaming and Internet Surfing.

Music on the mobile is pretty constant through the day, but has a noticable peak in during the morning commute hours. Social Networking on mobile on the other hand peaks during the afternoon, but so does messaging. So now we know how people stay awake after their afternoon lunches – socializing on facebook, twitter and sms.

Head over to the TNS Mobile Life’s site and Jon Russel’s article for more insights.

Hat tip to Pravin Karoshi for the sharing the link.

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