How to Jailbreak your iPhone or iPad

If you own an iPhone or an iPad, then at some point you will come across something called Jailbreaking. Put simply, Jailbreaking is the process of opening up your Apple iPhone or iPad so that you can install non-Apple endorsed Apps, themes, extensions and tweaks.

While Apple iPhones and iPads are extremely user friendly and simple to use, this does come at a price. Apple has a reputation for being extremely cautious when it comes to allowing Apps to run on its devices. Thousands and thousands of Apps are blocked from iTunes for a number of reasons. Sometimes this is understandable, as the Apps may be dangerous or unstable, however more often than not the App will be turned away because of App’s strict walled-garden approach to their software.

For those wanting to circumvent this policy, the only way is to Jailbreak your device; which breaks open the operating system and allows you to install non-Apple sanction software.

Here are just some benefits to unlocking your phone:
– Get access to thousands of games, Apps and customisations
– Free video chat over 3G (rather than just WiFi)
– Watch streaming TV for free
– Make Voice-over-IP calls for free
– Tether your iPhone or iPad to your computer
– Use other networks and SIM cards (if unlocked at the same time)

Once you have Jailbroken your device, you will then use an App called Cydia. Cydia is not available through iTunes and can only be accessed through the Jailbreaking software. The software provides easy access to thousands of non-Apple sanctioned Apps and customisations.

If done properly Jailbreaking is perfectly safe and legal. It is also reversible by using iTunes to re-update your operating system. The trouble comes with users wanting to Jailbreak their devices, but falling for scam websites trying to rip you off or that trick you into purchasing unsuitable software.

It is possible to Jailbreak your iPhone or iPad safely for free, however the process can be quite tricky and unless you 100% know what you’re doing, it is recommend that you spend a little money and get it done properly.

If you own an iPhone or an iPad, then Jailbreaking can really open up a lot of possibilities and it has been safely done to hundreds of thousands of device around the world. Phone Tips and Tricks offers a useful guide on how to Jailbreak your iPad or iPhone, including the safest and easiest method.


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