HTC Desire runs World of Warcraft

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HTC Desire runs World of Warcraft

HTC Desire runs World of Warcraft – In the video you’re about to watch, you will see WoW (World of Warcraft) being played on an HTC Desire Android phone thanks to GameString Platform’s remote play technology!! GameString is an online game streaming company, dedicated to bringing video game streaming to the masses. In short, the game is run in “the cloud” and then you access the game’s user interface from any browser. The service was designed primarily for computers, but why not take advantage of the fast data connections modern phones have? Looks like 3 & 4G just got a lot more useful. Here’s the official description:

Working alpha demonstration of World of Warcraft playing on HTC Desire Android mobile phone, made possible by the GameString Platform’s remote play technology. You can stream your games from the cloud to any desktop, notebook, tablet or mobile device. With our Dual-Mode Delivery technology, each device can have its own custom user interfaces while playing the same core game from the host computer. Hardware/environment setup for this shoot (in video): * GameString Adrenalin Host Server with Dual-Mode Delivery running a standard WoW game install * Client Device: HTC Desire * Server network: Home Internet Service Provider at 2 Mbps up * Client network: Home Internet Service Provider at 2 Mbps down, WiFi IEEE 802.11g * Server-to-client network: 2 Peer hops, 5 node hops, Geographical separation – 80km

Thanks to DroidGamers and Android Central for the info …

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