HTC Edge – World’s 1st Quad-Core Tegra 3 SmartPhone

The number of smart phones that are being used in the world is increasing day by day. However, of all the options out there only a very few use dual-core processors and it took me by surprise when Pocketnow announced HTC is working on a brand new handset called the Edge which features a quad-core Android and Tegra 3 processor. This handset is expected to overtake Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus as a leading Android device. The features of this smart phone are jaw dropping.



Let’s start with the screen, it’s been told by BGR that this display is supposed to be one of the best displays in the world with a 4.7 inch high definition 1280×720 pixels adopting a S-LCD 2 technology with optical lamination.

Not too long ago, we started hearing rumors of the next generation of  mobile phone processors, i.e. quad-core processors. With mobile App developers and game developers looking for more power to run their apps and games, quad-core powered phones will be a hit in the market.

This processor has been unveiled by NVDIA with the name NVDIA Tegra 3 which was initially named as project Kal-El. This processor will bring the consumer more power, less battery consumption and more effective work load distribution. The quad-core processor clocked at 1.5 GHz should absolutely fly with 1GB RAM back-up. There has been no information about the GPU (Graphics processing unit) yet.

Some other cool features of this smart phone tentatively include Android 4.0 with Sense UI 4.0, a unibody design that is 8.8mm thin, 32GB internal storage capacity, Bluetooth 4.0 and supports 21Mbps HSDPA. The 8 Mega pixel camera with backside illumination has a possibility of using an f/2.2 lens and is similar to the HTC Titan and HTC Sensation XL with a 1080p video added to it.

I fully support the use of Beats audio integration as one can get a decent set of ear buds that is included in an expensive smart phone package. And not to mention the presence of NFC (Near field communication) which allows transferring data between devices quickly and more securely. This is often initiated by a deliberate tapping of the phones.

This smart phone is expected to see improved HTC’s content services which includes HTC play, HTC listen, HTC read, HTC watch (a new movie store). However many feel that this smart phone is similar to another HTC’s recently debuted smart phone which goes by the name Rezound.

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It is believed that this smart phone will hit the market by March or April 2012. Though some argue that this may not be the first quad- core smart phone as Samsung, LG and Motorola have already adopted this processor for designing smart phones; HTC’s Edge will be the first of the kind to be released at CES and MWC in the coming year. I can bet that this phone is going to get all attention in the coming months

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