HTC’s turn to imitate Siri

Siri – the popular voice application won accolades (and some criticism) from all around the world especially from the iPhone users. The luxury enjoyed by Apple iOS users has prompted many other brands. Samsung was the first to introduce the Siri-like application in the form of ‘S-Voice’.

Now, it is HTC’s turn in bringing its own version of Smart Personal Assistant which is likely to perform a similar kind of functionality as seen on Siri.

HTC has leaked some information about its secret project through its Twitter and Facebook presence. As of now, complete details are not revealed. But from the image revealed by them, we assume that they are developing a state of the art ‘voice personal assistant’ app, with a sense of humour.As a matter of fact, you can find scores of similar applications that are readily available for download from Google store. It is perceived that HTC would like to demonstrate its capability by bringing a unique and versatile voice application which will not look like the imitation of Siri.

Recently Samsung has introduced S-Voice application. Smartphones have also witnessed Quick Voice which was introduced by LG. Undoubtedly Apple has brought a new spirit by introducing interesting and innovative application, Siri. It is still the pioneer in its capabilities. Even though voice commands were present in various Android applications well before the launch of the Siri application, Apple was able to Market Siri as an integrated Personal Assistant when they launched it. It brought a level of comfort, flexibility and luxury for iPhone users. Siri was so popular that there were consumers who bought an iPhone just for the sake of Siri’s possession. The tremendous success of this innovative personal voice assistant has inspired all the other major brands including Samsung, HTC and LG. And, thus these are brands are launching their own versions to compete the Siri mania.

Most of the features presented by Samsung’s S-Voice application like sending messages, playing music, managing calendars, etc. resemble Siri. One remarkable feature from Samsung is the usage of voice command to wake up from the sleep mode. S-Voice is able to process natural voice commands. In terms of efficiency, the S – Voice will not reply back as you might expect from Siri.

The new image released by HTC might be in tune with its promotional strategy to increase its product penetration. The caption which says, “Your next one device won’t be interpreting Fido’s barks” gives indication that HTC is seriously working on voice application to entertain its customers. It is expected that a new voice application or tool will be released which can be deployed on some latest HTC Smartphones. As a matter of fact, the entire Smartphone market is waiting for useful voice driven applications. There is no clue about the release date or the name of the application. We also don’t have details on whether this will be available only for HTC users or other Android users as well. Let’s see what comes up from HTC.

Via – HTC twitter Account 

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