I’m Watch: Keep an eye on your Smartphone

Watches as smartphone accessories aren’t a new thing, but they’ve never caught on.

You have products like the Sony Ericsson Liveview, and a few others coming along. But the I’m Watch products seem to be a bit better than what you’d expect. First up, they have two series, the I’m Color and the more expensive I’m Jewel.

You can pair these to your Android Smartphone, iPhone or even your ‘Berry (Soon), via Bluetooth or WiFi. Once set up, you can sync your certain apps like Twitter, Facebook and Text Messages, and have them pop up right on your watch screen. I’m Watch will soon have support for developers to expand the capabilities of the device even more. More apps supported, more functionalities, More Fun.

The I’m Color Series is available in 7 colours (White, Blue, Pink, Green, Red, Yellow & Black), and is available for €249 . The I’m Jewel series though, they start at a lowly €500 for the Titanium, with the Yellow, Pink & Black Gold models going up to €11,999 and the White Gold and Diamonds model costs €14,999. Of course, you can have your name engraved on it for an additional €2000. Yup. INSANE!

Anyways, here’s a quick look at the I’m Color, which seems fun enough:

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