India gears up towards 4G

The technology and industry experts at the international conference have revealed that India is now prepared to move to 4G or LTE – Long Term Evolution from 3G in the mobile broadband services. The conference took place at LTE India and it was organized by Bharat Exhibitions. The Head of Nokia Siemens, Mr. Sujit Bakre of 4G Business Developments said, “With the lowest cost, mass adoption, highest capacity, absolute global standard and excellent user experience, the world today is stepping ahead into LTE or 4G and more than 380 million subscribers and over 80 networks of LTE are being expected by 2015“.

Many experts at the conference emphasized that using the core set up of 2G/3G networks the transition to 4G would be smooth and “dramatically matured“. 4G is expected to provide the best of “unique consumer experience“, as quoted by many operator executives. This service is being launched in 18 places globally with more than 208 networks and the specification of LTE offers 100 Megabits per second, at least 50Mps or uplink and 10 ms of RAN round trip time. It supports 1.4 MHz to 20 MHz bandwidths and both the time division and frequency division duplexing. LTE can also support old network technology like CDMA 2000, GSM, UMTS and CDMAOne.

The World wide trials have also been started already in 2010. Trials at large scale have been started in China by the China Mobile and in India the trial network is being set by Quaicomm and Huawei in Hyderabad. Mr. Mallikarjuna Rao at the conference said that this is an opportunity to telescope the change for India but technology may support only 4 or 5 operators.

According to by Mr. Amaru Chavez Pujol, LTE is being defined as the “Strong and Well-defined data interface that promises new reality“. The Director  General of the Cellular Operators Association of India, Shri Rajan S. Mathews pointed out that auction may not be the best way for moving forward the national imperative. He also said that the route was like shifting huge amount of resources from private to government sector. All the money involved in the promotion of the telecom networks has to be brought back in order to restore the balance.

Mr. Mallikarjuna Rao, the CTO of Aircel, pointed out that India may lead the technology developments of LTE-TD broadband and the reason for this is the “increased competence” that returns now to India in this area from outside. One of the honored guests at this international conference was Shri J. Gopal, DOT, and Ministry of Communication & IT.  According to the VP of Bharti Airtel for the networks, Mr. Puneet Garg, “2012 will be the year towards next step of revolution of broadband wireless using 4G and this would change the way that people will connect to communicate“.

To take this international conference in to an absolute global platform, global majors in the technology of wireless broadband like Qualcomm, Networks of Nokia Siemens, Huawei, ZTE, Alcatel- Lucent, Samsung, Verint Systems, Tekelec, Tellabs and DragonWave HFCL were engaged. These highly dignified delegates took part in the conference and shared their new plans. This, sure sounds promising

Let’s await the speed!

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