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Instagram, the hot photo sharing application has been making waves in the Android market ever since it has been released. Android smart phone users are now happy as they were missing out on the Instagram fun on their devices. The 18 month old app that had been available to iOS devices is now available in Google Play Store.

Instagram has been downloaded more than five million times since it released and more than one million users downloaded it within the first 24 hours of release. Fabulous!


This app that is available for free of cost in the Google play store allows you to take a picture and apply gorgeous digital filters. It also allows you to share the pictures in a simple photo stream on a variety of social networking sites.

The current version 1.0.4 runs on most Camera Phones that runs Android version 2.2 and up (including HTC One X in the latest update). The latest version supports Wi-Fi handsets and tablets. Though it does not have any extra features (The user interface is similar to iPhone’s Instagram), it contains most of the existing ones that are available in the iOS Instagram. However, the company said it will be adding features in the future upgrades. The Android version has an advanced camera which allows you to resize pictures so that you need not have to recrop it in the Instagram`s interface.

The most important ‘Tilt Shift’ function (this function allows you to focus one part of the image while the rest of the image can be artistically blurred) that is available in the iPhone version is missing in the Android version. Also missing from the list are three minor features: Share from feed, Live preview and Share to Flickr. Though it is not perfect, it is still a decent enough start.

Instagram cannot be an alternate for great photography, but it can make you look at least like a artistic photographer. Co-founder of Instagram, Kevin Systrom said, that he was meticulous to transform the app to the Android platform. The latest version can be installed on a SD card and the audio mute bug has been fixed. The interface is easy to use and the upload speed also seems to be quite good. The photos do not get stacked up in the progress tool bar. Even if the upload fails, you can re-try uploading the pictures without the need of editing the picture again and it assures maximum resolution support.

Though there are rumors that this San Francisco based company has plans to raise more money, the WSJ states that Instagram’s value has grown increasingly as it began starting to raise money. In the early 2011, it raised $7 million from Benchmark Capital, Baseline Ventures Adreessen Horowitz. The company refused to comment on this issue. Popular with the celebrities including actors, politicians and some stores, this application has a lot of commercial value.

The biggest news as of now, is that, this two year old photo sharing website has been bought for a whooping $1 billion by the social networking giant Facebook. Founder Mark Zuckerberg announced, that the Instagram team would continue to operate separately. The strong engineering team and infrastructure will help in the growth of Instagram. Definitely, Facebook’s brand image with the creativity of Instagram should doubly help the growth prospects.

Perfect, Win-Win.

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