How to install applications in Nokia Smartphones?

nokia logoNokia applications are usually easy to install and use, but generally people get confused when they are using the applications directly from the internet, and so they are unsure where to put the files, and where to install them to. So here is a mini guide on how to install the applications in Nokia Smartphones, most of which are the Nokia N-series and Nokia Xpressmusic phones.

Downloading and installing directly into your phone
Most of the times, application installer files come in .sis or version that directly opens in your phone. But sometimes it comes in .zip format, which you will have to extract with the help of an extractor manually. And generally you download the files to the destination which you confirm before downloading.
These installer files open directly and install the application.
There would be some on-screen instructions for few apps which you should follow to complete the installation.

Downloading to your computer and sending to phone
You can download the application installer files to your computer and then send them to the phone through bluetooth by browsing the device and sending to particular memory disk. Or you can send through the Nokia PC Suite by browsing the memory card of the phone.
After sending the file, same process of installation as above follows.

Also you can use Nokia Ovi Suite to install the applications. Get it from here.

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