How to integrate Nokia Lifeblog into WordPress blog?

Blog platforms like LiveJournal, LifeLogger, Typepad etc. easily accept the usage and integration of Nokia Lifeblog into their blog. But WordPress blogs having Lifeblog integrated with them would need some software for blogging.

Softpedia has a plugin called lifeblog4wp which is a wordpress plugin that helps in integration of the Nokia Lifeblog protocol into the WordPress Blogging Software. After you download and install the plugin, here are the settings you have to make, to complete the integration –

Server address:
Username: Your wordpress admin name
Password: Your lifeblog password(Not the wordpress admin dashboard password)

After these settings are done, your integration of Lifeblog into wordpress blog is done. You can post something directly to the wordpress blog without having to open the internet browser and logging into the admin dashboard to post something daily.

You can download the lifeblog4wp plugin from Softpedia.

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