iOS6 – A mixed bag from Apple

Apple refines the operating system at regular intervals. This is required to improve the performance of the operating system. The OS should be secure, quick to respond and feature-rich. But the iOS6 update seems to be a mixed bag so far.

Let us check some of the new features and enhancements –

Maps AppMaps application is completely overhauled in iOS6. But, it still remains a big let down. Compare it with Google Maps, you can very well spot the shortcomings. The app has all the basic mapping services including street views and directions (turn by turn voice guided navigation), but the users still appear to be frustrated. I sincerely recommend you to read through the numerous errors that Apple Maps has reported in the recent past. There also has been some recent public apologies issued by Apple with promises of improvements. Hope, the promises are delivered at the earliest.

Camera – The camera app now features a mode for people to take quick panorama pictures. This feature has been around in other platforms and Apple’s own through third party apps, this is the first time the function is present in the camera’s options. It makes taking panorama pictures very easy. Here’s an example of a panorama picture taken by Vinu on an iPhone running on iOS6.

Passbook – It is a new feature that lets you keep together all the shopping offers and entry tickets to various locations like airports, theaters and shopping malls. You will not pay through these passes but you will get access and you will be reminded of the expiry of various offers. It will take some time to implement the passbook processing feature by merchants. However, Apple has initiated dialogue and it is offering technical expertise so that Apple users will soon be using the smart way to perform smart operations.

Siri – Apple had attracted many new customers by featuring Siri for the first time through iOS5. iOS6 further enhances the Siri (voice based personal assistant). You can also access Siri on 3rd generation iPad and 5th generation iPod touch. The Siri version is mentioned as beta in iOS6 (as it is still in the phase where the features are being enhanced). The new version is quick to respond to various instructions and it is more intuitive. Now, Siri can provide scores of various sports, movie listings, show timings, reviews and trailers. It’s got the power to launch third party applications. The application can post updates on social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter. It can reserve your dinner in your favorite restaurant.

Do Not Disturb – This is a very useful feature presented by iOS6. Now, you can exercise more control on notifications and incoming voice calls. You can make silent an incoming call after ringing for a specific number of seconds. Notifications can be turned off automatically. You can also choose special settings.

VIP’s through Email – The email system is revamped allowing you to designate certain contacts as VIP’s. Regardless of the mail account you use, all the mails addressed by VIP’s will be flagged with a bright star and will be readily available for your attention in a separate folder. You can also customize the notification settings.

Safari Browser – The safari browser further enhances your browsing experience through the iPhone. The browser syncs with iCloud as well. The browser will give you faster and better performance than on iOS5, especially with the an easy way for you to share the websites you are visiting with your friends on Twitter and Facebook, thanks to the tight integration in iOS 6

Since Apple’s supporting iPhone 3GS upwards and iPad 2 upwards for the iOS6 upgrades, folks with the older devices have been given a boot with this new update. So people with the original first generation iPad and phones older than the 3GS have to upgrade if they want to get a feel of these new features.

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