iPhone5 – The sneak peek of what’s in store!

Apple Inc has shot to fame with the release of its various sleek models of mobile phones (iPhone), tablets (iPad) and not to forget, our very own iPod. Somehow, it has managed to be in the limelight always. And now again, it is on everyone’s mind. Any guesses on what we are talking about? No, we are not talking about the company’s CEO Steve Jobs resignation but about the latest product coming from Apple Inc – iPhone5; which is believed to have a major upgrade from its predecessors.

Yes, it’s been a long eager wait and we still don’t hear about its launch. The supposed launch has been postponed by a few months which make room for too many speculations about its release date and looks like the rumours are only getting intense by the day. Apple has always rooted for a ‘mid-June or July’ product launch for most of its earlier releases. This time around, it has deviated a bit from its regular schedule and has delayed the launch date due to several reasons. But if the present rumours are anything to go by, we can expect iPhone5 to make its debut by October, 2011 in the market.

The markets are already gearing up as we hear the news of iPhone4’s price falling down giving us enough evidence of its arrival. The pricing of the latest iPhone handset is still not clear, though sources predict that a high-end model may range anywhere around $825-$950. If you are eyeing to buy an iPhone4, it’s the best time to get one as its price would have fallen to give way to its successor.

Features & Specifications – As iPhone5 comes loaded with iOS 5, Apple hopes to streamline the Smartphone market in many ways. Moving on to its features, it is believed to be more thinner and wider than its predecessors which only reveals that Apple wants iPhone5 to have more screen resolution. Some earlier rumours reported that is likely to have an entirely different design; but in contrast to those reports, Bloomberg’s sources say that iPhone5 will pretty much look like iPhone4 with minor upgrades to it. It will have a dual-core A5 processor chip paving way for more speed. Gaming will be all the more fun and attractive in iPhone5 as developers will be creating more powerful games. It comes with face recognition security leaving you to worry little about your coveted Smartphone getting lost. Video chatting would be even faster as it runs on 4G network. The expected display screen size is 4 inches, maybe a little wide to your pocket. It has a scratch resistant surface on it and an in-built GPS which will help you if get lost by any chance. An 8 mega-pixel camera and an updated battery back-up only tell you that there is an upgrade in its specifications.

Some sites have suggested that Apple has plans to launch two versions of iPhone5, an advanced version for the professional user and a basic version for the average user, making iPhone5 affordable to the common man. I still cannot figure it out how they would do this but if it does, it will be a change of a trend.

Let’s wait for ‘Time’ to solve the enigma around iPhone 5.

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